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"I have been searching high and low for a person like Elayne. I have tried a few healers, readers and mediums. The problem with them was that they were too vague or the healing would only last a day or two. One person that I did find really good was John of God. However Elayne is better than John of God. Reason for that is when she does a healing – she does not just fix you, she tells you how it happened. Pretty amazing. And the pain goes instantly.

When it comes to reading, words cannot describe how she knows… it’s mind blowing. She is the real deal."

Melita Galway
"Elayne is an incredible intuitive healer. I walk in feeling low and lethargic and I walk out feeling much lighter and happier - I feel as though I received exactly what I needed. In addition to the healing, Elayne also has a chat with you afterwards so you understand how you got to needing the healing in the first place, which I find invaluable. I would very highly recommend Elayne. See her at least once - she can change your life, like she has mine and many others!"

Love & Light, Kelly

I heartily recommend you have a reading with Elayne. Your guides, through Elayne, will tell you what you need to hear for your higher good, although that sometimes may be not what you want to hear!

After first going there with the expectation that I would hear a bit about the upcoming year, my guides compelled me to recognise a problem I had been burying my head in the sand about and putting up with for some time. They got me out of my comfort zone and I was able to step up and do something about it, for that I was grateful and am very glad, in hindsight, to have seen her. I have and will continue to communicate with them through her, as I’m determined to continue on this path of self-learning to become a better person.

Good luck in your journey, book a reading and take the opportunity to get a little help and direction from your guides, you never know, it may save you years of heartache and confusion.

Cheers, Serena


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